Intel Core i9 Processor Series (2017)

Intel has launched their new processor series that is i9 in X-Series in Main Stream series. The X of the Intel i9 includes the processors with model no i9-7900X , i9-7920X, i9-7940X , i9-7960X, i9-7980XE.                     
intel i9  x series
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Intel i9 processor provide you with many very good specifications . I will be describing the specifications of i9-7900X in detail here as:
  • Processor Name and Number                                                       i9-7900X
  • Lithography                                                                                  14 nm (nanometer)
Lithography is the thickness of the processor. 14 nm is the least thickness available till date, the work on 10 nm is still in the research and will be launched soon.
  • No. of Cores                                                                                  10
Cores are the independent Central Processing Unit CPU present in the Processor
  • No. of Threads                                                                                20
  • Hyper threading                                                                              Enabled
Due do enabled hyper threading the Operating System will see the 10 core processor as 20 core processor and will use threads to work as cores and improve the performance.
  • Processors Base Frequency                                                             3.30 GHz
  • Max Turbo Frequency                                                                     4.30 GHz
The base clock frequency of the processor is 3.30 GHz (Gega Hertz) but the turbo frequency of the processor is 4.30 GHz. Max turbo frequency is the max. single core clock speed at which the processor is capable of operating. Frequency is measured in gigahertz (GHz), or billion cycles per second.

i9 series specifications
Courtesy: Linus Tech Tips 

  • Cache                                                                                                13.75 MB L3
Cache is the fastest memory in the Computer. It is basically available in the very small amount. Further the cache memory is classified into Level 1,2,3 cache that is L1, L2, L3 cache.
  • Bus Speed                                                                                          8 GT/s DMI3
It is the speed at which the data is getting transferred in the buses (wire)
  • Power Consumption                                                                          140 Watt
The Power Consumption of the processor is 140 watt.
  • Max RAM Support                                                                              128 GB
  • Memory Type                                                                                       DDR4-2666
The 64 bit architecture processor the maximum RAM support is of 16 exabyte but still the chipset family of the Intel Core i9 supports only 128 GB of RAM. But Don't worry I am sure that you will never be using the Whole 128 GB of RAM ever in the life.
  • Max Memory Channels                                                                        4
These memory channels allows the users to increase the parallelism in the RAM. Intel Core i9 Processors comes with the Quad channel memory modules so that the users can get the best gaming and working performance.
intel i9 inside
  • Architecture of Processor                                                                       64 bit
  • Instruction set                                                                                         64 bit
  • Execute Disable Bit                                                                                 Yes
All processors now comes withe the 64 bit Architecture support so the Intel Core i9 Processor series also posses the 64 bit Architecture support. This implies that it can calculate the 64 bit instruction set in one clock cycle and increase the efficiency of the system.

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