Android O (Oreo) launched : Great News for Android users

After getting success after success in the different versions of the Android the Google has finally launched their latest version of the Android that is Android Oreo also called as Android O on Monday (August 21) for which a live stream was conducted from New York. This is the version launched after Android Marshmallow and Nougat.

Android O (Oreo)

The support of the Android O is provided to a limited smart phones like Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel and Pixel XL phones, the Pixel C tablet, the Nexus  Player Android TV set top box. As the new version is launched in the Beta version only so the support is not available to all the Smartphone’s. The developer team of Google is working to provide the support to all the device as soon as possible.

launch of Android O (Oreo) by sundar pichai,ceo of google

Given below are the some new features of Android O that distinguishes it from Android N:

1. Keyboard navigation

Android O has a more improved version of the keyboard as compared to the Nougat. It has introduced the support of navigation between the applications. The Google has said that they are more focused on building a more attractive model for ‘arrow’ and ‘tab’ navigation for users.

android o logo
2. Better and Long battery life

The Android O has introduced the option of limiting the background running apps which will save a lot of battery. This new feature has made the task of developing the apps that have a least effect on the users phone and battery.

3. Adaptive Icons

The meaning of the Adaptive Icons is that the Icons will be displayed in different shapes, according to the mask chosen by the device.  Now the users will be able to create good looking icons which will be easily integrated with the device interface.

4. Better Multitasking.

This feature enables the user to do multitasking in the Android OS. This means that now the users can be able to run more than one app at a time.
andriod 7.0 Nougat

5. Notification panel

Like Windows 10 there is now notification panel available in the Android O. This feature creates the new application categories for notification. Under this feature the users are able to block the unused notifications. This is a very good thing for the users.
Andriod logo

6. More Audio features

Android O supports the high quality Bluetooth audio codec’s such as LDAC codec, which give a good quality of sound. Many new audio functions are also implemented in the Android O.

Android logo

7. More Colours

Of course when a new version comes it has an improved display screen, sharper and crisper videos, more colorful apps are available now. And with more colours there are more animations is provided.

There are many other new features available in the Android O. I hope you will like the features provided by the Android Oreo operating system.   

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