Cloud Computing : The best way to store data ....

Cloud computing is the best way to store the data in a secure and safe way and access it at anytime and anywhere. Cloud computing has resolved the problem of the storage for BIG DATA users.

What is cloud computing

Normally the users used to store data in the hardware’s such as Hard disks, SSDs, SSHDs, DVDs etc. But the problem with these all hardware devices are these get corrupted easily and the loss of the data occurs. This creates the problems to the normal users as the backups are not available every time. The cloud computing has solved the problem of the data loss.

servers for cloud computing

When it comes to the concept of the cloud computing it becomes very important to understand what cloud is. Basically cloud is called to that area or place where all the data is been stored basically in the server. From the servers this data can be accessed by any number of users at the same time depending on their demands. Clouds are mainly called to the servers which are mainly located under the ground as it is not possible to occupy such a huge area on the surface of the earth.

Servers connecting computers

Cloud computing is classified basically into three types:
flow chart showing process of cloud computing
1.     IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
In this type of cloud computing Hardware become a useful tool. All the data is stored in the secured Hardware devices.  

2.     SaaS (Software as a Service)
In this type of cloud computing Inter browsers and applications becomes a usable tool.

3.     Platform as a Service
This type of cloud computing allows us to develop, run and manage application without having get caught up in the code.

Cloud computing is filled with the advantages and benefits only there are only very few limitations.

1.     Data transfer agility: Cloud computing provides the users with the ability to transfer or to move the data as fast as possible.

2.     Long term data storage: It provides the facility of the long term data storage. The data can be stored for lifelong purpose.

3.     Cost Reduction: The cost of the cloud computing is very much less as compared to other storage types such storing the data in the hardware devices. These hardware device are much more expensive as compared to the cloud computing.
 flow chart showing cloud computing

4.     Device and location independence: The data from the cloud can be accessed from any device and for any location.

cloud computing  logo5.     Security: Data security is always a problem for the users. But the cloud computing provides the users with lot more of the security. The data remains secure and safe in the cloud. The data loss problem is been solved by the cloud computing.

6.     On demand self service: The service to the user is provided at the demand of the users.

7.     Broad network access: Cloud computing network is spreaded all over the world. the data  can be accessed from anywhere and anyplace in the world all we just need just a good internet connectivity.

The examples of the cloud computing is the Google Drive where we can save our files and accesses them at anytime, anywhere when required. The another examples are the YouTube servers, Facebook servers where our data remains safe for long time and we can access that data as per our need.

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