AMD to introduce 12 nm Desktop processors "Pinnacle 7" : Challenge for Intel again

The clashes between the AMD and Intel still continue. After getting the great success in the AMD Ryzen Thredripper (Monster Chip), they are looking to give another shock to the Intel processor manufacturing company by introducing their 12 nm lithography processor earlier than the actual plan. 

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The AMD originally planned to directly manufacture the 10 nm lithography processor after their 14 nm AMD Ryzen Thredripper (Monster Chip) but as per the news form the GLOBAL FOUNDRIES they have dropped their idea for a certain reason and they have switched to develop the 12nm lithography processor for leading performance (12LP). Now you might see the 10nm lithography processor in the late 2018 or early 2019.

AMD Software logoThe Great News is that almost till February 2018 we will be able to see the AMDs 12nm high performance (12LP) processors in the market. The technology used for the 12nm processors is FinFET semiconductor technology. This technology is known for its better density and a very high performance boost as compared to the 14 nm lithography processors. The FinFET semiconductor technology targets the higher end applications such as the artificial intelligence and virtual reality including the high end Smartphone’s and networking infrastructure. The new FinFET semiconductor technology 12LP provides the almost 15 percent improvements in the circuit density and more than a 10 percent improvement in performance over the 14 nm AMD Ryzen Thredripper (Monster Chip).

The AMD will be releasing their new processors under the codename Pinnacle 7, followed by the middle level Pinnacle 5 and the entry level Pinnacle 3 processors in March 2018. Due this great challenge to the Intel the AMD is expecting to a market return of 30% in the first half of 2018.

As will all know that the Intel is also working on the technology to develop the 10 nm lithography processor it will be very interesting to know when the Intel bring in their 10 nm lithography processors and how they compete with the AMD. Because after the launch of AMD Ryzen Thredripper and getting great success in it, the Intel and the AMD both are running on the same track.

AMD Ryzen Thredripper logoNow with the launch of the latest technology processors there arises the need of the hardware upgrade. That is I am taking about the new chipset motherboard requirement, so to overcome this requirement AMD has developed the chipset of the 400 series which will be available on March 2018 with X470 or B450. The chipset of the AMD are still designed by the ASMedia

That’s really awesome news for the high end computer users, the era of the computer technology is developing very very fastly. This development is decreasing the cost of the Desktop peripherals which is of course a good news for the low budget buyers. 


AMD to introduce 12 nm Desktop processors "Pinnacle 7" : Challenge for Intel again AMD to introduce 12 nm Desktop processors "Pinnacle 7" : Challenge for Intel again Reviewed by Abhijit Jadhav on October 17, 2017 Rating: 5
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