The Real Difference between Snapdragon 625 Vs 650 Vs 652 Vs 653

Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 was announced in February 2016, However the Snapdragon 650 and 652 were announced at 18 February 2015 and launched in December 2015. The latest processor among this that is 653 was announced at 18 October 2016. As in my previous article I have discussed that among Qualcomm Snapdragon and MediaTek which one is better and came to the conclusion that the Snapdragon is far much better than the MediaTek. So today I will be telling you the real difference between the latest budget Smartphone’s processors that are Snapdragon 625,650,652 and 653

Qualcomm Snapdragon 625
Qualcomm Snapdragon 625

The Snapdragon 625 was the first processor to be launched with the 14nm FinFET manufacturing technology. Earlier in the Snapdragon 650,652 and also in the 653 the FinFET technology used is of 28nm. So due to less lithography of the processor the time by the data form one semiconductor point to another point will be less and the performance provided will be high. This is the reason why the performance of the Snapdragon 625 processor is high as compared to that of Snapdragon 650,652 and 653. 

When we talk about the mobile processors them comes the concept of the different Cortex’s such as Cortex A72, A53, A7 etc. for this article their no need to understand the in detail the different Cortex’s for now just understand that the Cortex is nothing but the design of the processors. All the above Snapdragon 625,650,652,653 is Cortex A53, A72 based processors. In Cortex A53 the design of the cores are not so complex. Due to less complexity the output provided by the Cortex A53 cores not so good but the benefit is that the power consumption is very low as compared to A72. Whereas the Cortex A72 is opposite to the Cortex A53 that is more complex core design, good performance and a disadvantage of more power consumption.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 vs 652
Snapdragon 650 vs 652

Now we know what is Cortex A53 and Cortex A72 core design so now we will se how it is implemented in different Snapdragon processors. In Snapdragon 650 there are 4x Cortex A53 + 2x Cortex A72 making it a Hexacore processor (4+2 cores). All the Cortex A53 cores are clocked at 1.4 GHz and Cortex A72 are clocked at 1.8 GHz for these series. In Snapdragon 652 the modification done is that only 2 extra Cortex A72 cores are added making it an Octacore processor (4x Cortex A53 + 4x Cortex A72).  

Snapdragon 625 is also an Octacore processor but in this all the 8 cores are Cortex A53 based. The cores are clocked higher to 2.00 GHz. You might be questioning that using simple core design (Cortex A53) will reduce the speed of the processors. So to overcome this problem Qualcomm has used 14nm FinFET technology which is half to that of technology used in Snapdragon 650,652,653. Due to this the speed of 625 gets doubled and the performance is increased. The power consumption is decreased and the heating problem is almost eliminated.   
Qualcomm Snapdragon

The GPU of the Snapdragon 650,652 and 653 is the same that is Adreno 510. The GPU present in the Snapdragon 625 is not very advanced its Adreno 506 but the modem that comes with this processor is very advanced that is X9 LTE (Downloading speed is 300 Mbps and Uploading speed is 150 Mbps). 
The latest processor in this series is Snapdragon 653 it is very similar to that of Snapdragon 652 the only change done is that the 4 cores of the Cortex A72 are overclocked from 1.8 GHz to 1.95 GHz. The latest X9 LTE modem is used and the support of the RAM has been increased to 8 GB. 

These were all the Real differences between the Snapdragon 625,650,652,653. I hope you might have understood the difference. Any doubts related to this topic do write in the comments.
Snapdragon 625
Snapdragon 625

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